From person to person

Valuable communication and organization

If kambeckfilm GmbH has a vote, it’s Bettinas. It is the first voice you hear when you call us. Just give it a try. Call her now.

Communication from person to person is much more than just a craft that you can learn by reading the etiquette and attending a school of behavior. Every person is different and every customer has different needs. 

Many years of experience in working with people from a wide variety of industries have made Bettina a…

#Interline reader
#Great wholesome all-seeing woman
#Decision Process Attendant
# To listen right
#all of the world’s best broker
#I’m organized as a hero

… made.

But as a “front woman” she is not only the figurehead to the outside world. Internally, she keeps track of appointments, arrivals, departures, arrivals, depots, stocks, resources, operating conditions, bookings, telephone systems, small talk, deeptalk, team talk, recyclables, energy and sustainability. No, we have not forgotten coffee and tea, everyone does it for himself.

Why do you make corporate films?

I haven’t been around that long, but I find the many insights into different industries very exciting.

How would you describe to a man from 1920 what you do at kambeckfilm?

I sit in front of a magic square and edit letters, organize the calendar and a trained mouse helps me.

Do you make movies in your spare time?

It is always worthwhile to capture a beautiful moment everywhere!

What's at the top of your bucket list?

Dancing at my daughter’s wedding.

What is your favourite commercial?

Diesel – Go with the flaw.

Which Spotify Playlist is running in your permanent loop?

My singing in the shower, who needs Spotify?