Biscuit Quinton II. von der Kreuzbreite

Feelgood Manager with heart

Looks can fulfill wishes.

The serenity of a Basset dog is something you should have. Then the world would be fine.

The stressful job of the Feelgood Manager usually begins with a game unit in the morning with everyone present. By the time everyone is greeted and it’s been determined who might be on the road today, the catering team has already prepared the first second breakfast.

During the following sleep unit all information is professionally processed and stored.

Before noon (sometimes also afterwards, when the sleeping unit took more time than planned), the group then strolls again and reads the “newspaper” in the surroundings and at the Alb. 

In the afternoon, employee support is provided according to the established presence method. Anyone who is not 100% absorbed in their work seems to have an urgent need to take a break. You have to look for a toy and carry it to your colleague. But they are not always so sluggish.

The end of a working day is always different. Then the second job in the private industry starts.