Branded Entertainment

As a B2B company, you do not communicate exclusively in the business environment today. The boundaries between the private „me” and the business „me” are becoming more and more blurred. A skilful handling of the new media helps.

Stories for the customer

Advertising may entertain

Branded entertainment isn’t about telling your own story. Tell a story that your target audience wants to hear. Entertain your customers, win sympathy points.

An animated short film? A documentary? A mini-series? A VR project? An app or a game? Anything is possible, and the best thing is, you don’t have to produce it yourself.

Use what’s already there. Watch finished films, videos, apps and VR productions and choose what suits your company and campaign best.

We have a large network of international up-and-coming talents, designers and media artists. Just ask us. We mediate and organize everything around your branded entertainment project.

How does Branded Entertainment work?

Branded Entertainment for Customers

Agile film productions for leading companies in a wide range of industries

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