/// – 23. March 2020

Contactless from the home office

Even in the Corona crisis, get in personal contact with your customers.

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Video statements and interviews - contactless from the home office

The film is made in the planning phase, a quote from Alfred Hitchcock, which applies equally to corporate films, product films, training films and explanatory videos.

A film production consists of various core tasks. Idea generation, conception phase, planning of the online strategy, script creation, if necessary also the production of a drawn storyboard.

When these things are finished, the disposition is made, after that the shooting takes place. Once all scenes are shot, the post production process starts. Editing, graphics, composite, music and the audio mix. With the finished film the online strategy is then implemented.

Now is the perfect time to plan. The corona crisis will pass. We don’t know when, but as soon as the economy gets going again, you’ll have so much on your list that there won’t be time to make a sensible plan for your next corporate film activities. We offer to plan with you NOW, and to start shooting only when the general situation allows it again.

This way you can get started and gain a competitive advantage as soon as economystarts again, because the time-consuming phase of a video production is already done.

Shooting and post-production are usually implemented quickly.

Alternatively, it is advisable even in the current situation, despite COVID-19, not to cut back on communication and contact with your customers.

This video was created, for example, via an online video conference. So we can also do interviews and statements, important personal and authentic content, without a film team on site. You can stay in your home office. We will brief you on how to set up the computer correctly, how to put yourself in the right light, how to find the right background, and also how to record the sound properly.

Afterwards we cut exactly the same way as it happens in a normal film production. We add graphics and further video and photo material if available, so that in the end an appealing video is created, with which you can keep and deepen the contact to your customers online.

We are here for you. Stay healthy.

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