Fusion of craftsmanship and creativity

Camera, production and cool dude

Deep in the Shire between green meadows and woods, the most exciting stories emerge. This is how the story of “Felix the Carpenter” begins. #pfalzliebe

But already in the first chapters the protagonist gets to know his true passion, the doctrine of the moving picture.

With all his senses on the receiving end, Felix now moves on his predestined orbit. He is a part of it, masters the rules of art to change between different orbits.

This creates energy. A lot of creative energy, which does not disappear unused and chaotic in all directions. Felix uses the momentum for himself.

So he can move freely on all orbits, take a bird’s-eye view at lightning speed and immediately immerse himself deep into the matter again.

With Dozuki and Ryoba Komane, Felix no longer cuts. He cuts films and videos digitally and sets the cuts perfectly, even crosswise or diagonally to the grain of the story.

Why do you make corporate films?

I’m someone who’s easy to get excited about things. It’s just awesome to grow into a topic and dive into a new world. For the first time I am working on sewage treatment plants and next week I will be part of a study on the sportiness of young people. Everything found food for the great curiosity in me. 
Of course, this also brings a lot of variety, which ensures that I never have to get bored. It’s the big challenge to make things sexy that aren’t necessarily sexy and I like to face this challenge.  

How would you describe to a man from 1920 what you do at kambeckfilm?

Fortunately, in 1920 people already knew what movies were. In an earlier time I would have been burned at the stake for trying to explain it. 
But I would say: Imagine you had the opportunity to explain to all people in the world who you are and what you sell. Then it would be especially important to you that you and your product come across well and you don’t screw up this chance – that’s where I come in (…now I would offer the person a cigarette, at this time a sign of good will).
You know, I make sure that you look good and that people listen to you attentively. Your product, no matter how complicated it may be, we will explain it together so that everyone understands it. And with a lot of creativity and a little magic, we will create a light show that will be accessible to all people.   

Do you make movies in your spare time?

Rather rarely. As a teenager I invested all my spare time in filming. So I set up a YouTube channel together with a friend, which even earned us some money. But since I’ve been making movies full-time, I’ve longed for a little more variety in my spare time, as I spend most of my working time in the office. One compromise I have found for myself is photography. I travel a lot outside and still have a camera in my hand with which I can capture the moments in my own way. 

In order to maintain my seriousness, I prefer not to link videos from my old YouTube channel here… 

What's at the top of your bucket list?

I actually created a bucket list a few years ago and started to work through it. At the top is “Learn to Fish”. 
If you think that it is sorted by priority, you will be disappointed. The alphabetical order seemed more meaningful and less challenging. 

What is your favourite commercial?

A commercial that I remember is from LG. It was about a tinkerer who had found a solution for blurred videos and presented it. 
It was simply a chicken with the name Lizzy. A chicken has the special characteristic that the head is always in the same position, no matter how the body is moved. The inventor uses this feature and straps a camera onto the chicken’s head, thus his new image stabilization was born. 
In this way Lizzy ensured quiet shots in every extreme situation, whether on a motorcycle or during a parachute jump. 
I think the commercial is just funny and it hits my humor. 

Which Spotify Playlist is running in your permanent loop?

I often listen to soundtracks at work. You just have to be careful that the mood / tempo of the music doesn’t affect the current activity and that the calm animation suddenly turns into a wild mess. 

But often I leave out the headphones and listen to the sounds in our office. It doesn’t matter if Philipp has a catchy tune which he shares with us by humming loudly or the screaming of our office neighbours when Buiscuit has managed to sneak out of the office again.