/// – 13. März 2020

How offline becomes online marketing

Communicate professionally with customers online. Now more than ever.

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Today I have once picked out the definition of a mass, and would go through it sentence by sentence.

Wikipedia says, “A trade show, in the business sense, is a recurring marketing event of limited duration.”

Your website and your online activities could also be defined as a marketing event, only they are not limited in time, they are available all year round.

Wikipedia goes on to say: “It allows manufacturers or vendors of goods or services to display, explain and sell it.

Now would be the time to take a closer look at whether your website and your online activities meet these three points? Showing, explaining and selling.

Further Wikipedia says: “Customers have the possibility on a fair to compare the offers of different vendors and get an overview of the market situation.

And here lies the real purpose and value of the fair: to compare. Only now there is no trade fair and no event anymore, what does the customer do? He goes online, he compares online, he looks at your website, he looks at LinkedIn and Xing and gets an idea of the market situation in the respective industry.

He goes to YouTube, looks at products and services, and on Google and Facebook he reads reviews and compares. But there is more to it than that:

According to Wikipedia about the fair, exhibiting companies are concerned with acquiring or refreshing customer contacts.

Every salesperson knows that the most important thing is the personal conversation with the customer. But how do you make personal contact now, if the trade fairs and events are cancelled and you are not even allowed to be invited to a meeting? A video conference can replace this, but will never fully replace it.

So, you have the website for your information about your products or services and the social networks to get in touch with your customers online in a personal, authentic and high quality way.

After all, you wouldn’t come to the trade fair stand with slippers.

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