I eat Fibonacci for breakfast.

Direction and production

Home port corporate film. Anyone who has sailed the wide seas of the media industry, sometimes one-handed in a dinghy and sometimes as a sailor on a fat ship, can truly claim to have seen the world.

When Kathja undoes the sailor’s yarn and takes the red thread in her hand, she only has to pull it lightly to change the whole course of a story.

Under her guidance, the most beautiful handcrafted works are created. Where icebergs just passed starboard, paradisiacal islands can now be seen in the turquoise water.

For her, details are not a part of the whole, no, the detail makes the work whole.

Kathja has learned them all, the rules of our art, applies them blindly, and breaks them with her seeing eye.

She can resist the chants of the sirens in the calm waters of routine, breaks out into the roaring noise of the flood of images and returns every day with an abundance of inspiration… into the harbour of corporate films.

Why do you make corporate films?

A corporate film can be so many things – and that’s the first thing I like about my work: the variety! The variety in the different products we can offer in connection with corporate films and the variety in the industries and disciplines we get to know in our job. Every day, every project is different.
In addition, I simply enjoy visualizing complex content in an informative and aesthetic way and getting used to new material every time: everyday work never gets boring, you are always challenged to be creative, to learn something new and to act at the pulse of time.
And what’s more: corporate films have a future! It has always been important to me to do something that is both creative and in demand. 
In this job I see all this combined.

How would you describe to a person from 1920 what you do at kambeckfilm?

“In 100 years the cinema as you know it today will still exist in a similar way, but in general films, big and small screens, will be everywhere: In the streets, in the living room, even in the loo! The world will be connected by a network of information, images and films, and all this information will be available around the clock. 

In the years to come, various devices will be invented for the reproduction and dissemination of information, and by the end of the century, innovations will have taken over, so that all these devices will become an integral part of everyday life and much will no longer function without them.

In my profession we use the media around moving images to sell products, services, problem solutions, knowledge and wishes of companies from different industries. Even 100 years from now, the spectrum of ideas will not be exhausted and the limits of what is possible will not be reached.”

What's at the top of your bucket list?

The headline of my personal bucket list is “When pigs fly”…and accordingly realistic are the things that are written on it. I’d rather keep that to myself, sorry! 😉

What is your favourite commercial?

I am interested in people, personalities, characters and interpersonal relationships. For free thoughts and self-realization. Openness, breaking taboos, togetherness, nice gestures and the commitment to reason and peace.
That’s why I’m interested in commercials that get down to business and evoke real emotions. Or those that have a joke or a twist, are cheeky or socially critical.
I don’t have a favourite commercial that takes first place, but these spots go in the direction I like:

Which Spotify Playlist is running in your permanent loop?

Answer will follow shortly. Check back soon.