Young talent in training

Makes the training as a media designer picture and sound

Luca just started with us. Therefore his text will be drafted and will be published here soon. Just have a look at the days again.

Which media do you use most?

Youtube, Instagram and Apple Music.

How would you describe to a man from 1920 what you do at kambeckfilm?

Answer will follow shortly.

Do you make movies in your spare time?

Not directly movies rather music videos, travel films or other small projects.
I usually get inspiration from listening to music or traveling.

What's at the top of your bucket list?

One more time to Hawaii and film a film project there.
Best a mix between documentary, music video and travel film.

What is your favourite commercial?

Heinz x ED Sheeran

Which Apple Music Playlist do you run in a permanent loop?

Most of the time I hear self-made playlists, which I compose from all kinds of music according to mood. Mainly my playlists consist of Hip Hop or Electronic Beats. When I’m not editing or shooting and have to watch the sound, one of these playlists usually runs in the background.