Moin. (More would be chit-chat)

The International Journey of an Economic Refugee

Late fall. The wind howls from one direction, firm and relentless. Thick raindrops whip diagonally across the ground, tearing at the thick rain jacket and hood. The bare feet on the asphalt in a cold mix of salt and rain water, Markus enjoys the moment, lets his gaze wander over the dark blue roaring North Sea and fills up with energy in the noisy silence of the storm.

Markus calls home what others call uncomfortable, threatening or even “hostile surroundings”. He carries the calm of the storm within him. What seems to be a contradiction in terms formed Markus’ character and enables him today to unite opposites and break new ground.

Being extremely creative and at the same time analytical is a very rare, explosive combination that brings each campaign forward in a structured way with new impulses.  The calmness that Markus radiates at any time and in any situation sometimes deceives about the power of his expressive, creative thoughts.

In his work, hard ideas are softly packaged, provided with rational emotions of fearful courage and creepingly catapulted forward.

Privately he breaks with his green guitar, painted in red, immovably wild, loud pauses and every silence into a harmonic whole.

Why do you make corporate films?

Because I’m very curious. I want to understand things. Filmmaking for companies and their products or services gives me a deep insight into the respective subject matter and its industry. To make a corporate film, it is not enough just to understand the product or service.

I do research out about the target group, the customs and etiquette, how they communicate, what the people from the sector are occupied with, in order to create derivations, etc. Over the many years, a lot of inside knowledge has accumulated. For me, producing a corporate film goes far beyond the craft of pure filmmaking.

How would you describe to a person from 1920 what you do at kambeckfilm?

Imagine that in my time EVERYONE is a filmmaker. Not because everyone has learned it, but because technology makes it possible. All people have a device permanently with them, with which they can film your work and your company. On the same device all movies can be watched by all other people on the planet.

My job is to be creative and make films that stand out of the crowd for companies that are special. Creativity is the new currency and the only way to reach a company’s customers technically and emotionally.

So I sell my creativity and my technical knowledge to companies so that they earn more money.

Do you make movies in your spare time?

No, I did that once, but if you make films professionally over many years, your own demands will eventually be so high that they can no longer be realized with private means. I take individual shots of situations with my mobile phone. I especially like the slow-motion function.

For relaxation and to clear my head, I make a lot of music. I play various instruments, but I’m currently focusing on the guitar. At home I play jazz and in my band we play rock. So I’m also creative in my private life and can’t get out of practice. 😄🎵

What's at the top of your bucket list?

To rent a castle in Denmark for a whole week, to invite family and friends there to relax and simply have a good time.

What is your favourite commercial?

That’s hard to answer, because there are spots I like because of the good story, then some that have a strong strategy, others that have great craftsmanship or use new technological possibilities.

I think the old IBM spot series around 2000 is great.

It’s probably the KENZO spot from today, good music, great story and great implementation.

Which Spotify Playlist is running in your permanent loop?

I generally listen to all styles of music with the same passion. In every genre there are artists and titles that stand out. Ideal for relaxing, but also as a background for dinner with friends, is this jazz playlist, which I have put together myself:

If there is to be more energy, then it is probably more in this direction with me: