Anarchy Comes in a Suit

Creativity and Key Account

In front of you stands a classic gentleman who knows exactly how your business works, what etiquette is appropriate in your industry, who your competitors are and what is being reported in the press about exactly your topics.

The formal appearance belongs to a gentleman of his calibre. But don’t let it fool you. To describe Philipp’s thoughts and approach as “out of the box” would miss the point.

In his mind, the box is probably shredded, Schrödinger’s cat removed and put into several YouTube videos simultaneously, then a 25-year-old punk pisses on the remains. But the whole thing is done with so much aesthetics, that even Mrs. Merkel would get a “beautiful” over her lips looking at this picture.

This makes Philipp a perfect sparring partner when it comes to creative concepts and solid marketing strategies. He knows what is possible and how to reinvent oneself again and again. The exchange on a culinary level is also worthwhile. In the kitchen and on the grill the same raitio of creativity and conservatism applies.

In summary one would describe Philipp probably in such a way: Making entrepreneurial enterprise films. An enterprise of the entrepreneur for entrepreneurs, who want to undertake something with your enterprise.

Why do you make corporate films?

I have been doing advertising and product communication for more than 25 years. I am still fascinated by the variety and variety of products and services we communicate about.

I like to talk to the people who have developed or offer these products or services, to take up their tasks and to translate them into moving images. My experience is that we as a film team get to the most interesting places, often also where no one is allowed to enter. This is exciting and always new.

How would you describe to a person from 1920 what you do at kambeckfilm?

It’s not that hard! In 1920 people already had their first advertising experience. Cinema is on the rise. Primary media for corporate communication are advertisements and posters.

So: “We make advertisements speak, move graphics and explain products and services in short scenes. We combine voices, texts, graphics, sounds, music with product shots or game scenes in order to bring what is shown closer to the viewer, to inform him or her or to address him or her emotionally. Our task is to communicate the desired message with moving images”.

Do you make movies in your spare time?

No. I don’t stand behind the camera and I also don’t help with the film editing myself. My contribution to film production is before and after the actual shooting date: In idea development, project management and communication with our clients.

What's at the top of your bucket list?

Learn to brew beer. Walk across the Alps to Italy. Switch to emission-free drives.

What is your favourite commercial?

I have to admit, I don’t watch much advertising in my private life anymore. That also has to do with the fact that I don’t want to block myself when I think about a task or want to develop a new idea. There are many well-made clips, but I think the time for “disruption” and “attracting attention at all costs” is gradually over. I’m hoping for intelligent, more sophisticated clips.

Which Spotify Playlist is running in your permanent loop?

Currently the Flamenco is arabe.