Turning a little into a lot

The Art of Minimalism

The homeland of Sanchira is the most sparsely populated state in the world. Growing up there means riding a horse to a disco. Endless vastness instead of endless traffic jams on the motorway. Netflix with friends in the yurt next door.

The experiences from a childhood in a culturally and geographically so far distant world help to take different perspectives.

What is often described with the high-sounding term “cosmopolitan”, Sanchira lives simply. The world is one and we have a place to live, our earth. For Sanchira this is self-evident, something you don’t have to mention.

So it happens that in a conversation she suddenly offers such a new perspective and describes an experience that even a cosmopolitan person will rethink his point of view and that the spit will stay away.

Why do you make corporate films?

I graduated from an art college where I was always quite free as far as my work was concerned. When I started at kambeckfilm, I was curious whether I would like to make corporate films. Yes – I can say now. Corporate films can be very different and it’s just fun to work on different projects with a competent, dynamic, loving team.

How would you describe to a man from 1920 what you do at kambeckfilm?

We make it possible that you can present your product, your project characteristics, advantages, special features etc. to your customers with moving pictures at any time, worldwide and in best quality, without being personally present. What you have to offer is presented in the best light, so that people can be convinced of your product and you make better sales. I make these moving pictures together with colleagues.

Do you make movies in your spare time?

I want to do something of my own again when I have more time. But at the moment my son is still very young and I want to spend as much time as possible with him.

What is your favourite commercial?

Hornbach advertisements. Especially the advertising series “Nobody feels it like you do”.

What is your favorite music video?

“The Jamie xx – Gosh” I can watch endlessly. Also the music video “Gold” by Chet Faker. Music videos by MGMT, Radiohead and Björk are of course also very inspiring.