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Save money with film and video

How to make savings with film and video in your business

Doesn't the production of a film cost anything?

However, there are many areas in a company where the targeted use of film and video can lead to enormous savings. In most cases, the budget for an elaborate production has already paid for itself the first time it is used. But how does that work?

There are application cases from the most diverse industries and areas of a company. Not all cases described here are equally applicable for all companies, but they give an insight into the idea behind them.

Manufacturing example. You operate a manufacturing or production in which machines, vehicles, substances and materials are used which may not be operated without instruction or training? Even external suppliers may have to pass a safety test in order to be allowed to work on your premises.

Personal briefings and training sessions bind personnel and time. With video and a subsequent multiple choice test, you can carry out complete binding and insurance-effective training courses and instructions.

The whole thing can even be packed in a terminal, for example in the entrance area. The operating pass or an access card can also be obtained directly at the terminal as soon as the videos have been viewed and the test successfully passed.

A further purpose is the use of films as operating instructions. Calculate once how many complaints you receive about your products due to incorrect operation. With a video as operating instructions, you can reduce these returns by more than 50%. This is a huge savings potential.


It is difficult to read and understand operating instructions in a foreign language. It is much easier to watch a video in which only with the help of icons and graphics is made clear what to pay attention to when operating your product. Another advantage is to be able to query the user either online or via an app by means of a subsequent test and thus to present proofs for insurance companies and professional associations.

And another example: IT security. How well trained are your employees in dealing with the current data protection guidelines? How are passwords handled and do you possibly not even get insurance because you cannot prove the training of your staff because it would be too time-consuming? Continuously training new personnel is very time-consuming. With a video and a subsequent test, every new employee can immediately fulfill all the necessary certificates without having to wait for a collection appointment.

You know your company best. Reduce complaints, reduce insurance premiums, increase safety, avoid accidents at work, meet the requirements of professional associations, guarantee IT security, actively live data protection… All this can be implemented quickly and easily with film and video. We have the concepts. Start now.

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