/// – 13. September 2019

Teatime Talk - 19/09

Gedankenblitze und Wortgewitter aus unserer Teatime

Brexit is stupid.

We don’t want the British to leave our strong community. But the whole thing is now so done that we think it only helps to wait and then react after the next step.

Series tip - German series "Dark" on Netflix

The Dark series shows that German productions are fantastic. Mystery and science fiction, which convinced even the “German film critics” at our table. Absolutely watch it.

Grannies on benches in Zimbabwe - a good idea

How do you offer help to an entire people who are traumatised by the situation in their own country? With grannies on the bench. Class.

New music for old ears - The HU

New music from Mongolia. Rock & Roll on folkloristic instruments: The HU. Here are two titles with epic music videos, which give a great insight into the breathtaking nature of Mongolia. Wolf Totem and Yuve Yuve Yu in the crass 3:1 format. 😍🎥😮

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