/// – 30. Oktober 2019

Teatime Talk - 19/10

Thinkbolts and Wordstorms from our Teatime


Brexit is stupid.

We don’t want the British to leave our strong community. But the whole thing has now become so that we think it only helps to wait and then react after the next step.

One Strange Rock - Netflix

In One Strange Rock, former astronauts talk about their very own view of the Earth. This is a great concept from National Geographic and makes you want to document nature again. It’s also really surprising what kind of insights are possible from such a distance. Even connections on a molecular level become visible from the ISS. Will Smith leads us through the program, which is not bad in itself, but the American narrative sometimes leads to a plausible topic being somewhat protracted.

ASMR Videos - A YouTube Phenomenon

Where does the trend come from and when did the whole thing actually start? And why do these videos have such a high number of downloads? Here is a link to ASMR’s explanation.

Night Mayor in Mannheim

What’s a night mayor and what are his duties? Does he earn just as much as the day mayor?

Time recording at the workplace

There are many models of time recording. The creative industry also uses completely flexible methods. What really makes sense, and what is ultimately really good for the employee? Which tools help?

The KINDERsurprise egg

What’s in the surprise eggs today? There have been some for boys and girls for a long time… when will there be one for diverse?

Christmas Present Carrerabahn

Do children today only want digital toys? For example, we have noticed that a Nintendo Switch is preferred to a Carrera Railway. The world of the Carrerabahn hasn’t come to a standstill, and besides app connectivity and various other features, it remains exciting and perhaps even a better “analogue” alternative to the game console.

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